Exploration & Play Sessions

If you are curious and have been fantasizing about different Aspects of BDSM and Kink this is your opportunity to explore with an safe, well trained BDSM Wellness Specialist.  It is important that before you go exploring in your real life and in your sexual relationships that you have gotten the education and understanding from someone that is knowledgeable in the different areas of BDSM like psychology, anatomy and human sexuality.  Kink and BDSM can be fun, epic, healing and very dangerous if you don’t understand and play within the 4 c’s of Caring, Consent, Communication and Caution.


Here are some of the things that can happen in Exploration Session:

  • Exploring the different aspect of being a submissive

  • Learning how to become a good slave

  • Experiencing bondage, impact play, sensory deprivation

  • Sissification , Crossdressing

  • Foot fetish

  • Humiliation

  • Learning to let go of control

  • Experiencing sub space ( Meditative trance like state)

There has been many studies that prove that when you let go of control and trust, that your body and mind produce many of the happy bio chemicals that reset the stress bio chemicals that are released in your body when you are stressed out. There are a couple different activities that have that know of power to destress the mind…. Working out for 30mins, Laughter for 60 secs, Orgasm , Meditation for hour and the right type of BDSM play.


Here is what might happens in a letting go of stress and control session:

  • Complete surrender of your power

  • Bondage

  • Sensory deprivation

  • Impact play… Sensory pain and pleasure

  • Whatever else that you need to feel safe to let go of control and find sub space


Session Details

Intake session:

This 1st session is important to go over sexual histories, sexual believes and hard limits list. So we can co-create your action plan of exploration , education and training

Duration: 1-4 hours

Cost:  $300.00 (Plus HST)

Explorations and skill building sessions:

May include talking, live demo, hands on guided skill building, Submission training, aftercare and other aspects of letting go of control.

Duration: 90mins -2hours

Cost: $375- $500 Plus HST

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I'm a wellness specialist. I don't offer sex nor look for it. I'm not your girlfriend or an escort. I don't do out-calls, age play, scat, farts, or incest play.

"safely lose control of your body and mind. Know your innermost instincts, dreams and desires - but here - we play them out..."

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