Healing / Reclaiming Power 

First, you may want to read my story about how I personally reclaimed my power and healed from my childhood sexual and satanic ritual abuse, using BDSM as one of the many tools on my healing journey. (click here to read my story)

To survive, many resort to become a Super Control Freak in order to control everyone and everything around them and only feel safe by doing so. People and life don't always fall in line with your master plan for safety and security… All it takes is one moment of life, people and universe to fuck with you master plan and you are screwed (not in the fun and happy way).

You may respond to feeling out of control and unsafe in many different ways:

  • Eating- Over eating or not eating  

  • Addictions to food, sex, drugs, boozes, sugar and work

  • Increased panic and anxiety

  • Anger lashing out at others

  • Deep sad and low energy

  • Try to become a bigger,stronger and even meaner control freak to take your control back

BDSM has helped manby (read my personal story here) and many others is to take back sexual activity and words that were used to abuse and do emotional, physical and psychological long term harm. You can reclaim some of those activities and find great sexual gratification and enjoyment when you consciously decide to reclaiming them. This can be very tricky because it is a very fine line between victimization and sexual empowerment. That is why it is important that you find a professional that can teach you the difference and teach you how to pick the right person to explore this type of healing and reclaiming BDSM play. As a BDSM Wellness Specialist, I can help you  to reclaim and heal those sexual activities and words. You would never go skydiving without an instructor so please make sure you that you only do this with someone that knows what they are doing, so it doesn't create new wounds and reinforce old traumas.

Session Details

Intake session:

This 1st session is important to go over your sexual,relationship histories and any trauma if you have it. This will allow us to co-create your action plan of healing and reclaiming your power

Duration: 1-4 hours

Cost:  $300.00 (Plus HST)


Healing sessions:

May include talking, light- heavy bondage, impact play, sensory deprivation, aftercare and other BDSM and power exchange activities that will support clients healing and reclaiming goals.

Duration: 90mins -2hour

Cost: $375- $500 (Plus HST)

Ready to book your session? Fill out the form below or send an email to empressgaia@gmail.com

I'm a wellness specialist. I don't offer sex nor look for it. I'm not your girlfriend or an escort. I don't do out-calls, age play, scat, farts, or incest play.

"safely lose control of your body and mind. Know your innermost instincts, dreams and desires - but here - we play them out..."

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