Know your Mistress

As a very Orgasmic Goddess I love everything to do with human sexuality both personally and professionally. I have spent my life in search of daily epic orgasmic pleasure, and quest toward a deeper understanding of human desire both physically and psychologically…  


Human sexuality is my life. I eat, sleep and breathe it.

My personal sexual journey has allowed me discover that I am a kinky slut.  BDSM and many forms of sexual exploration have enable me to truly love and accept all of my sexual desire, kinks and aspects. I have discovered that I long and crave to be worshiped. There is a burning need inside me to own and dominate. I am blissfully delighted to laugh at the discomfort of others (evil laugh… HAHAHA!).


I enjoy helping with self-discovery, acceptance and expression of deeper, darker sexuality. It excites me to guide, teach and make others become the best version of themselves. One of the many ways that I do this in the world is through the use of BDSM.  


Help me make the world a sexier, kinkier and safer place.

Here is a reward for reading

"You’re my toy to train, teach and use as I see fit. In the end, I own you, and your orgasms."

Serving me is not just fun it is always educational and insightful. You WILL become a happier, healthier and more relaxed person.  Are you worthy to serve your mistress? Or are you unworthy, needing to be taught how to serve your Mistress Gaia right?

Come Serve Me

I'm a Mistress, I'm not looking for sex or offering it. I'm not your girlfriend or an escort!


I don't do out-calls.. I have a lovely dungeon in Waterloo, ON to own your ass in


I am not into age play, scat, farts, or incest play

I'm a wellness specialist. I don't offer sex nor look for it. I'm not your girlfriend or an escort. I don't do out-calls, age play, scat, farts, or incest play.

"safely lose control of your body and mind. Know your innermost instincts, dreams and desires - but here - we play them out..."

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