You’re my toy to train, teach and use as I see fit.

In the end, I own you, and your orgasms.

Serving me is not just fun it is always educational and insightful.

You WILL become a happier, healthier and more relaxed person. 

Are you worthy to serve your mistress? Or are you unworthy, needing to be taught how to serve your Mistress Gaia right?

Rewarding Your Mistress

First Session (1-4hrs) : $350

We will dig deep into your BDSM / Sexual psychology.   This session is 1 - 4hour long depending on you. The importance of this session is for us to build trust and for me to understand your needs and desires so I can be the Mistress that you want and need .For me to discover how I can train you to be the best sub/slave.

  • Understanding your sexual history

  • Discussing your hard limits lists (check list will be provided in advance of the session)

  • Your Pain and Pleasure Threshold Assessment (includes physical contact) 

Play Session (60min) : $300

Then the 2nd session is play session and we start your training to becoming the best slave possible!

  • Additional time; $300/hr

  • In person/Skype

Contact Mistress Gaia via the form or email below.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars. (Add HST, Canada only).

Obey your Mistress

You must send a  RESEPCTFUL  (check rules below)  e-mail or use the form below, telling Mistress Gaia why you think you are worthy - or unworthy -  of worshiping and serving her.



  • I'm a Mistress, I'm not looking for sex or offering it!

  • I'm not your girlfriend or an escort!

  • I don't do out-calls.. I have a lovely dungeon in Waterloo, Ontario to own your ass in

  • If you cant come see me, I also offer online sub training

  • I am not into age play, scat, farts, or incest play

If your email pleases me,  I will send you an application of service ... so it better be good! OR use this form:

I'm a wellness specialist. I don't offer sex nor look for it. I'm not your girlfriend or an escort. I don't do out-calls, age play, scat, farts, or incest play.

"safely lose control of your body and mind. Know your innermost instincts, dreams and desires - but here - we play them out..."

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