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All things BDSM and Kinky. Empress Gaia Morrissette your BDSM Wellness and Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist. 

Come Join Gaia Morrissette every Thursday morning EST for open ,safe and healthy conversation about all thing BDSM and Kink related.

Here are some of the topics we have already covered:


  • What makes a great Dom/Domme

  • What is BDSM and Kink

  • How Gaia used BDSM to help in her healing journey

  • Being a control freak is because you dont feel safe

  • How letting go of Control can help you find safety and zen

  • Spanking from a place of love

  • Impact play - tools wooden spoons and riding crops

  • What makes a good submissive

I'm a wellness specialist. I don't offer sex nor look for it. I'm not your girlfriend or an escort. I don't do out-calls, age play, scat, farts, or incest play.

"safely lose control of your body and mind. Know your innermost instincts, dreams and desires - but here - we play them out..."

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